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OISA TRADUCCIÓN SIMULTÁNEA S.L. is a company with more than 20 year of experience as a provider of simultaneous translation services. It is managed by professionals with great expertise in audiovisual resources and equipment as well as in interpreting and translation. OISA Traducción Simultánea specializes servicing Congresses and all types of Events. Likewise, OISA Traducción Simultánea has a full range of audiovisual equipment that is available for sale or rent to its customers.

Traducción Simultánea OISA

Our Profile

OISA Traducción Simultánea is divided into two departments. The Technical Department, which has a very experienced team of staff and is managed by a Telecomunications Engineer, and the Sales Department, which is composed of professionals who are there to listen to your needs, orient you to specific solutions based on your needs and monitor the process to make your EVENT as successful as possible.

Traducción Simultánea OISA

Human Team

Continuous advances in new technologies make us extremely aware of just how important the preparation of our personnel is, including such key advantages as their knowledge of English, personal presence and attitude and their ability to meet the needs of every event.


Oisa Traducción Simultánea S.L.

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